Some daily uses of artificial intelligence

February 18, 2024

A process of imitating human intelligence, artificial intelligence (AI) is based on the creation and application of algorithms executed within a dynamic computing framework. Its aim is to enable computers to act and think like human beings. Indeed, for many people, artificial intelligence has long been synonymous with autonomous robots that would annihilate human beings. But it is clear that, today, it relieves man of thankless tasks. It is a futuristic idea that has largely invaded our lives in many areas. This guide offers you the main daily uses of artificial intelligence.

The use of artificial intelligence by search engines

With the gigantic size of the web, it would be difficult for search engines to function without artificial intelligence. You can visite this page to have more information on the importance of artificial intelligence for search engines. Indeed, AI is deployed in the form of robots browsing sites to index them, classify them and determine the order of presentation based on search terms.

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AI allows personalization of results based on the type of search. This involves, for example, distributing a film, displaying the weather, converting currencies or carrying out calculations. Google also offers its Google Suggest function. This is the predictive search displayed during query entry and tries to guess the search based on its indexing, regular searches and user history.

The use of artificial intelligence in electronic messaging

Emails rely heavily on artificial intelligence in order to optimize their operation and improve the user experience. Regarding spam, AI has the ability to process a large quantity of messages while quickly detecting new spam flooding inboxes.

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Also, for its Gmail messaging, Google uses an AI which manages to block more than 99.9% of spam. It also uses an AI that offers short messages so you can respond to an email with just one click. There is a function capable of finishing user sentences.

The use of artificial intelligence by social networks

The way information is presented on social media is largely influenced by artificial intelligence. Meta, for example, sorts posts from contacts and followed pages, then filters them in order to highlight those considered the most important, while completely hiding the others. The site uses AI to analyze the content of publications. Said AI is not only used to organize the news feed, but also allows a human employee to intervene if the site detects destructive signs.

The use of artificial intelligence in translation

In recent years, machine translation systems, accessible via services such as Google Translate or directly integrated into sites like Meta, have made significant progress in terms of producing very understandable texts. This progress was made mainly thanks to deep learning techniques.

In summary, artificial intelligence has become a crucial element of society’s digital transition. It represents the future of complicated decision-making processes.

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